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Authorized treatment facility Nr. 2801/EC/14

Authorized till 13th March 2023 (publication law gazette : 13th August 2003)

Car Recycling Carlo Vanlingen is one of the first authorized treatment facilities in Limburg, holder of a licence to destroy scrapped and disused cars, both private cars as light commercial vehicles.
The authorized treatment facility has to appeal each year to an auditor to pass an annual control. The centre is to send the annual audit report afterwards to Ovam.

The actual regulation stipulates that the holder of an end-of-life vehicle is to deliver it at an authorized treatment facility. The holder will then receive a certificate of destruction, mentioning that the vehicle will be taken out of circulation and destroyed in an environment-friendly way.

Each delivered certificate of destruction will be sent by the authorized treatment facility to the Motor Registration Division (MRD) in order to delete the vehicle from the file of registered vehicles.

To obtain more information, you can visit the Febelauto site

Procedure to follow

  • Acceptance of the vehicle and registration documents check
  • Environment-friendly vehicle depollution (oils, fuels, battery, tyres, ...)
  • Temporary storage of the processed vehicle
  • Vehicle destruction
  • Delivery of the certificate of destruction
  • Deletion from the file of MRD (Motor Registration Division)


We are NOT available by phone !!!

From now on no more sales of parts !!!
Inquiries will no longer be answered!!!

Opening hours

Monday to Friday

Open: 9h till 12h and 13h to 17h

Saturday, Sundays and holidays



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