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Starting from car cemetery, car demolition up to car recycling

The famous car cemetery was founded in 1968 by Jacques Vanlingen by the name Autokerkhof Jacques Vanlingen. Over the years, the company has earned a reputation. With a collection of about 10.000 vehicles available on site, the company has quickly developed into the largest car cemetery in Belgium.

The son Carlo took over the company and named it Autoafbraak Carlo Vanlingen, after which the company got modernized.

Forced by the stricter environment legislation, the company became in 2003 a car recycling company instead of a car demolition and changed its name into Car Recycling Carlo Vanlingen. During this time, the company expanded rapidly. The company premises are largely covered with liquid tight floor cover resistant to oil penetration in the ground. And the new company buildings with more than 3.500 m² surface are especially designed for an easy flow of vehicles to be processed.

After a successful graduation of his study in 2012 at IVA, the son of Carlo, Jesse started working in the company.

Nowadays, about 6500 vehicles a year are processed in the company, amounting to 25 processed vehicles every working day. In the future, we aim at processing about 15.000 vehicles annually.

For some years now, we try to expand the company, but it is no longer possible as our whole company premises have become a reservation zone due to the development plans on the new North-South connection. If the authorities carry out their plans, we will be expropriated and we have to relocate and found our company again on this other location. Up till now, we still remain in the dark regarding this subject.


We are NOT available by phone !!!

From now on no more sales of parts !!!
Inquiries will no longer be answered!!!

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Autorecycling Carlo Vanlingen nv
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